Conversation & Social Groups

Whether you're a native Francophone or a proficient French speaker, conversation groups are a fantastic way to keep up your speaking and listening skills  – plus you'll make de bons amis.  Let us know if you know of others!

Participants must be current AF Sacramento members or students.

Le Cercle du Lecteur Virtuel
This group meets every Monday at 4pm  (Beginner) & Thursday at 5pm (Intermediate) via Zoom to practice reading out loud, listening and perhaps conversing en Français! 
Le Club des Bouquineurs Virtuel
Join us for the Alliance's book club! We meet every two months on a Friday. The goal of the group is to engage in extensive reading and discussion in French to help increase fluency and vocabulary while becoming familiar with contemporary novels in French.
Les Conversation du Jeudi Virtuels
Alliance Française members drop-in between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm every Thursday via Zoom to practice speaking and listening skills, play games and have fun. Note there is no group leader and no guarantee of how many people attend, nor at what time they arrive or leave.