French for Toddlers

This class will introduce the French language to toddlers using games and songs.
Our teachers are native or near-native French speakers and strive to make classes fun and stimulating.
In response to COVID19, the Alliance is keeping its social distance by only offering online classes until further notice. See you online!


This class is a gentle introduction to the French-speaking world- Children engage in playful activities through songs, dance, stories, games, and more.

Time and day:  

We will resume this level of classes when in-person sessions resume in the future. 

Program Dates:

Check back later in 2021 when we can resume an in-person schedule for this level!

Maximum class size is 10. A minimum of 6 students is required for a class.
 A class of 5 may continue if parents/guardians agree to decrease the number of classes.