The Alliance Française de Sacramento gets rave reviews for our classes and events. Read what our students and members are saying about us (Spring 2016)! 
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“Challenging course, but very supportive environment.” Barbara Emmert

"AF has an excellent program. I've learned so much. It is challenging, but fun. Having native teachers as 'pronunciation models' really helps... The book made me think more and use context and key words to understand. I'm sure this is what I need to do in real-life situations in France."  Michael Bartley

"I am glad to be involved with AF Sacramento and love my classes. I hope to become more involved." Edith Marshall

"(The teacher) is encouraging and corrects gently... part of what makes this class so enjoyable is the nature of the participants: intelligent, witty,eager to learn."  Paula Rodgers

"It has been good for me to practice speaking in a safe space."  Erin Bartley

"The new location is a big improvement. It is more spacious and conducive to learning. Parking is much easier too..."  Pamela Pangan

"I look forward to class all week."  Sarah Salvatore

"The Alliance is a wonderful addition to our quality of life in Sacramento."  Kathy Dana

 "I have attended other Alliances elsewhere and this is the best class of any."  Aidan Connolly

“She is a dynamic instructor who engages us in all our activities. She helps all of us better understand grammar and vocabulary.” Maggie Fraser

“Terrific resource in Sacramento. College courses can be intimidating - the Alliance is welcoming and easy.”  Ryan Heater

"Excellent teacher. Very thoughtful that everyone in class gets to speak. Also supplements text with good explanations." Michael Bartley