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A1 levels cover present, future and past tenses, negative, interrogative and imperative forms, grammar and basic conversation. Follows A1-3 class. 10-week session. Student must purchase book at time of registration: Entre Nous 1, $55
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2021 SPRING A1-4, Mon 7pm, Megan

Product Code: Spring2021-ADU-A1-4-M19:00-1379 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type A1. Beginner - 10 week
Session 2021 - Spring 2021
Pace Once per week
Level A1-4
Schedules 05 Apr 2021 to 14 Jun 2021
  • Monday   7pm ▸ 8:50pm at AF Sacramento > CLASSROOM 4 (Megan Mcmullan)
Note: Course description: This class will cover chapters 7 & 8 of Entre-Nous 1. Pre-requisite: A1-3 level or student must have been evaluated. Questions? Need assistance? Call Kevin 916-453-1723 Required textbook: Entre Nous 1. No class on Monday, May 31, Memorial Day For $20 Early bird discount, register by March 15, 2021
Required Course Material
$55.00 USD
$280.00 USD

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