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The B2+ level is open to students who have completed levels B2-1 through B2-8 (or equivalent) and would like to enroll in Special Interest Classes offered at the B2 level: - Prononciation - Grammaire/Prononciation/Conversation
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2021 SPRING B2+ Litt. Française, Wed, 1pm, Armelle

Product Code: Spring2021-ADU-B2+-W13:00-1395 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type B2. Advanced Intermediate - 10-week
Session 2021 - Spring 2021
Pace Once per week
Level B2+
Schedules 07 Apr 2021 to 09 Jun 2021
  • Wednesday   1pm ▸ 2:50pm at AF Sacramento > CLASSROOM 1 (Armelle Querbouet)
Note: Course description: This class will study French literature texts from the Middle Age to the 21st century, including poetry, excerpts from novels and theatre pieces. We will delve into their cultural and historical context. During this session , we will study the 18th Century French Literature and culture Required Textbook: Littérature progressive du Français, Niveau Intermédiaire Each student must purchase their own copy of the required text. It is available on Amazon: Littérature progressive du français. Niveau intermédiaire. Schülerbuch Pre-requisite: B2 level or higher completed or student must have been evaluated. Intermediate proficiency level required. Questions? Need assistance? Call Kevin 916-453-1723 For $20 Early Bird discount, register by March 15, 2021.
$280.00 USD
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