An American in France: Meet Susie Morgenstern

Saturday, October 30, 2021

8am PST, in English

What would it be like to leave your country, your family, friends and everything you know to move to a place where you are totally unfamiliar with the customs and don’t even speak the language? Susie Morgenstern, the popular American-born French children’s author, recounts her fascinating journey from New Jersey to Nice in her recently published autobiography, “Mes 18 exils”, which she summarizes in these words: “I was born in Newark, New Jersey 76 years ago, never imagining I would ever go to France (didn’t even know where it was). I met my French husband at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he came to marry me in Verona, New Jersey, but he was too unhappy without Le Monde every day and French food and language, so I figured I better go to his hometown, Nice. I redid my diplomas until a doctorat in comparative literature and taught at the University of Nice for 38 years. As soon as I became a mother, I started writing children’s books. To date there are around 150 of them in print.”Please join the Alliance Française de Westchester as they talk with Susie about her path to learning the French language and customs, and how French became an integral part of her personal and professional life.

Mes 18 exils” can be purchased online (Amazon, etc.) or at the Albertine bookstore in New York. You can also read many of her books on Culturethèque, as well as listen to France Culture podcasts about her exceptional career.

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