Paris: A City of Ideas with Roger Mummert (in English)

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
12 Noon PT
Federation of Alliances Françaises USA
In English

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Join us for a discussion with writer and photographer Roger Mummert, as he presents Paris: A City of Ideas, exploring the chronology and synthesis of ideas that have transformed the medieval city of Paris into the modern city of today. Looking back over the past four centuries, we experience the power of the ideas, narratives and myths that are etched into the urban landscape. While rooted in antiquity, these ideas of democracy and social equality, the Enlightenment and Bohemianism, piety and secularity, the emergence of public spaces and the preservation of the environment continue to fuel passionate debate in Paris today.

This premier session will focus on the fact that Paris is a city where ideas flourish. These ideas coalesce into narratives, allegories and stories that form a neural network of the living city. Through ideas, one can walk the city’s streets, as did Baudelaire the flâneur, and slip through time to experience the many layers of the city’s history and identity. We look at the city in terms of ideology, text and time.

Roger Mummert is a writer and photographer whose writing on culture and travel has been published in the New York Times and elsewhere. He is the creator of an experiential resource for appreciating Paris as a city of ideas.

This event will be on Zoom and is free for all Alliance Française members, AATF members, and invited guests of the presenter or publicist. Non-members or persons who have no AF chapter nearby can purchase tickets ($10).

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