Le Club des Bouquineurs

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Le Club des Bouquineurs
Next Meeting: Friday, December 10, 6:00-8:00pm 
Le Club des Bouquineurs, meets every two months for two hours to discuss a book that the group has read.
Les deux prochains livres:
(Pour le 10 décembre) Un homme, ça ne pleure pas (Faïza Guène, 2015) 264 pp.
(Pour février) La petite fille de Monsieur Linh (Phillipe Claudel, 2005) 162 pp. 

Participants must be current AF Sacramento members or students with a minimum of B1+ level in French.

To participate: RSVP and login information to access the Club des Bouquineurs group will be emailed to you the day of the meeting.

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Adress: 2420 N Street, Suite 225, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 453-1723
Email: info@afsacramento.org
Office hours: Monday-Thursday: 12pm-7pm, Friday: Closed

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