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Bienvenue to the Alliance Française de Sacramento, the French language center and cultural community for everyone. 
Where Sacramento gathers to speak, learn and… be French!

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French is the native language of 200 million people on five continents and the second language of millions more. More than 50 percent of English words are derived from French, making it easy to pick up the vocabulary. And most agree that French – the language of love, reason, literature and diplomacy – one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

  • C’est facile!

    French is a fairly easy language to learn for native English speakers. More than 50 percent of current English vocabulary is derived from French.

  • Love & reason

    French is a beautiful, rich, melodious language, often called the language of love. French is also an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking.

  • World Language

    There are more than 200 million French speakers on the five continents. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English.

  • Travel

    France is the world’s number one tourist destination, attracting 70 million visitors a year. French also comes in handy when traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, Canada, the Seychelles and other places.

  • Culture

  • French is the language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture.




Club des bouquineurs
Club des bouquineurs

Book group meets every two months via Zoom for two hours to discuss a book that the group has chosen. Group members must be current Alliance Française members or students at B1 level or higher.

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Cercle du lecteur: Débutant
Cercle du lecteur: Débutant

Mondays, 4:00pm Participants will practice reading out loud, listening, and perhaps conversing en français!

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Il faut qu'on parle
Il faut qu'on parle

This informal French online conversation group is for teens aged 15-18, at high school level and looking to practice with other French speaking teens. 

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Thank you!
Thank you!

Update from BDOG 2021
Thank you to everyone who donated on Big Day of Giving! With your help, we raised $14832 and exceeded our goal!
We wouldn’t be here without you amazing community and supportive members!

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Avoir la puce à l'oreille
Avoir la puce à l'oreille

Connaissez-vous cette expression?

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Une poule mouillée
Une poule mouillée

Mais qu'est-ce qu'une poule mouillée?

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- Comment tu t'appelles ?

- Je m'appelle ...(your name).

- Tu vas bien ?

- Oui ça va!

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