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The earlier, the better!

Effortless french for kids

Researchers believe there may be a 'critical period' lasting roughly from infancy until puberty during which language acquisition is effortless. Children acquire language through interaction with others and can benefit from playtime in French, learning French like they learn their first language.

Games offer a fun-filled, relaxed environment where your child can practise using new words in new situations, and are free to express themselves. Participating in recreational activities in French is an effective way to develop language and communication skills. It also helps your children to be more socially confident and may be a way to forge friendships.

French for age 3-9

The Alliance Française offers French classes for children ages 3-9 as well as French SUMMER CAMPS! Our teachers are native or near-native French speakers and strive to make the classes fun and stimulating. Kids will gain the confidence to speak French and to later use their skills to start reading and writing in French.

French for teens

The Alliance Française offers French classes for students ages 10-13 Les Grands and 14-17 Les Ados who are complete beginners or already at an advanced beginner/intermediate level.

Program teens & children 2021

Spring 2021
February 8, 2021 - May 28, 2021
No classes Monday, Feb 15 Presidents Day
No classes March 28-April 4 (Spring Break)

Fall 2021
October 4 to Feb 4, 2022
No classes November 22-28
No Classes December 20- January 2, 2022
No Class Jan 17, 2022

$350 per child
Second student/same family: $290

tu as quel âge ?

les petits bouts         1.5-2

Introduction to French  with games and songs.

les petits loustics 3-5

Gain understanding of the language through songs, games, activities  and stories.

les loustics 6-9

Emphasis on oral communication through games, role-play & craft. Les Loustics activity book will consolidate learning  and gradually introduce writing. 

les grands 10-13

Focus on correct pronunciation, vocabulary building, and simple sentence structure. The Top! book is engaging and encourage communication.

les ados 14-17

Develop writing & speaking skills. The Génération book will reinforce grammar & lexicon. Discovery of French culture through videos presenting young French people in their daily life.

free convo for teens il faut qu'on parle!

This informal French online conversation group is for teens age 15-18 and looking to practice their favorite foreign language!

french summer camps

Our Summer Camp Programs will give your child(ren)  the opportunity to interact in French through a variety of fun activities: baking, role-playing, art & crafts, and games!

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