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The Alliance Française de Sacramento and La
 Route des Langues
have partnered to offer a new opportunity: the Host Family Program 

For those who are open to the world, keen to share their lifestyle, and curious about other cultures, the program is a unique opportunity to give your family a global perspective. Becoming a host family is easy, simple, and rewarding!

> With the host family program, local families share their daily life with a student from France

> Guests are aged 13 to 18. They usually come from late June to early August (other periods are possible)

​> Flexible program: you decide who and when you will be hosting

Host a French Teen

is open to any family living in the Greater Sacramento and wishing to host a French teen aged 13-18, for 2 to 4 weeks, mainly from late June to early August. 

Most host families have teens of their own. The French guest is therefore naturally integrated in family activities and in a teen community.  However, families with younger or older kids, or no kids at home, may also apply, as long as they can provide a foreign student with enough of an immersion experience.

The host family program is a voluntary program.
The reward for families is the experience, the value of intercultural exchange and new friendships. Extra expenses such as outings, visits, camps etc. are reimbursed.

How long do guests stay with us? When do they come?

Guests usually stay between 2 and 4 weeks.

Most of them come during the summer holidays, mainly from late June to early August.
Your profile on Guestbook will allow you to set precise dates when you are available to host.

Guests will only be able to apply for a stay with your family during the period when you are available.

Can I choose my guest?

 Yes. Your host family profile on Guestbook will allow you to share details about your family and your requirements for hosting (preferred dates, gender, age...)

After completing your profile as a host family on Guestbook, French students will be able to find you using various search criteria: location, dates of availability, hobbies etc. Then they can apply for being a guest with your family, and will send you a cover letter.

At the end of the process you decide to accept the guest or not.

Thanks to Guestbook, the match making process between host families and guests is made easy and the chances that they will get along are higher!

What doES my guest do during the day?

Host families are not expected to put together a comprehensive program of activities for the entire duration of the guest's stay. Most of the time, the guest shares your family daily activities. Host families are expected to involve their guest in as many activities as possible: meals, shopping, outings, celebrations, sports, hobbies... They often spend a lot of time with the children of the family, sharing their favorite activities and meeting their friends. The guest can even come with you if you are planning a trip somewhere while she/he is here (it has to be mentioned clearly in advance).

For families with younger children, the guest can come as a "family helper" and spend a few hours each week babysitting and helping the parents in their daily life.

DO i need to speak french?

Absolutely not! As an immersion program, the primary goal is for the French student to speak English as much as possible.
If you are a francophile family, you can also take this opportunity to practice your French, but only a short period of time each day.

What is la Route des Langues?

La Route des Langues is a leading French company with a 25+ years of experience in exclusive international language programs. They send more than 1500 students worldwide every year.

Interested in becoming a host family?

Please use the button below, and the Alliance Française de Sacramento will  contact you.

Yes, I'm interested! I would like more information Yes, I'm interested! I would like more information

Thank you for your interest and FOR BEING part of our community!

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