Limited scholarships available for those with financial need

Thanks to a generous grant from the Franco-American Benevolent Society, the Alliance Française de Sacramento is pleased to offer for a limited time scholarships for students with financial need. Instead of the standard class rate, scholarship recipients will pay $100 for the session, plus any membership or book fees. The remainder will be paid through the grant monies. As the grant is limited, the reduced fee may apply for one session only, i.e., summer or fall.  

To apply for a scholarship for a Summer 2022 Session Class, please complete this Scholarship Request Form. 

No financial records are required, but to comply with the spirit of the grant, scholarships are limited to those with genuine financial need, i.e., students, retirees or families on limited income, or the unemployed. Once approved, we will invoice you for the reduced rate. 
The scholarships are available on a first-come first-serve basis, so this is a limited opportunity.  Please follow up if you are interested and take advantage of this generous offer to extend your knowledge of French and enjoy the inspiration of our talented teachers and our passionate students. 

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