Yoga en français avec Zabeth

Comme si vous étiez en France, faites du yoga en français avec Zabeth !

Instructrice de yoga certifiée, Zabeth offre un cours de mindful yoga sur tapis et un cours de yoga sur chaise en ligne.

Practice when and where you want.
Whether or not you attend the live class, you receive a link to the recording of the class you have registered for, and you may practice as many times as you wish for 7 days.

Je m'inscris ! Je m'inscris !

Zabeth is E-RYT500, IAYT-certified Yoga Therapist, PCAYT, PCA Trainer, an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, a Hatha yoga and a meditation teacher, a REIKI Master, and a certified Chakradance facilitator.

Commencez tout de suite avec ces deux vidéos de cours gratuits ci-dessous!

mindful yoga sur tapis

Une pratique régulière de yoga  augmente la flexibilité, la mobilité, la force et la conscience corporelle.

Tous les cours comprennent :

- détente et prise de conscience
- travail respiratoire
- conscience du corps
- établissement d'intentions
- des poses qui vous renforcent, vous étirent et vous équilibrent
- une approche corporelle complète : apporter de la mobilité à votre colonne vertébrale, renforcer votre tronc, vos bras et vos jambes, libérer vos articulations, vos épaules et votre dos, et une intégration consciente de la pratique.

Je m'inscris au yoga sur tapis ! Je m'inscris au yoga sur tapis !

mindful Yoga sur chaise

Éprouvez-vous de douleurs, vous  remettez-vous d'une blessure, craignez de vous blesser ou ressentez-vous une douleur chronique ?

En tant que thérapeute de yoga également spécialisée en Pain Care Aware, Zabeth comprend la neuroscience et la biologie de la douleur.  Elle vous guidera avec compassion en offrant des outils et des techniques qui soutiennent la bio-plasticité de votre corps et aident votre être à se transformer.  

Vous apprendrez à reconnecter et à faire confiance à votre voix intérieure ; vous augmenterez votre conscience de soi et votre capacité à vous engager dans votre cheminement vers une résilience, une force et un bien-être accrus.

Je m'inscris au yoga sur chaise ! Je m'inscris au yoga sur chaise !

About Zabeth

Zabeth (Za-bet) Cornelius-Knudsen is a life-long student of yoga, a devotee from the moment she picked up a book on breathing techniques as an 11-year old living in Brussels

Born in the U.S.A., raised in Belgium, educated in Switzerland, and employed in Norway and Denmark before settling in the United States, Zabeth is a quintessential American hybrid; myriad cultures and influences work together to form her life view.

With an MBA from IMD, Switzerland, and years working as consultant for corporations such as McKinsey & Company, Zabeth combines a Western mind for strategy, motivation and achievement with the Eastern emphasis on self-awareness, balance and contentment. The result: a unique ability to reach for goals while honoring yoga’s foundational virtue of self-acceptance in the moment.

While her insatiable curiosity and love of learning have guided her on-going study of yoga and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, the realization that individuals have a unique history, needs and desires, has channeled her interest into Yoga Therapy.

After obtaining Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher certifications through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (AYS) through The Himalayan Institute, she studied Yoga Therapy with Inner Peace Yoga, later obtaining her IAYT certification (International Association of Yoga Therapist). 

She opened her studio ZYogaGuide in Minneapolis, where she served individuals with a range of needs and goals -- from osteoporosis and low back pain, releasing pain and anxiety, recovering from stress and injury, to improving the athletic performance of skiers, golfers and swimmers, just to name a few. She worked with the Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic, treating patients experiencing chronic pain, and at Pathways, facilitating dance/art movement therapy -- Chakradance TM -- to patients with life-threatening or chronic physical illness as well as their caregivers.

In 2018, after both their children started college, she followed her husband to California. Newly settled in San Diego, she was shocked one evening when on her way to town, she witnessed a street filled with homeless individuals negotiating their sleeping space on the sidewalk. She felt called to make a difference, and started collaborating with Yoga4Homeless and PrisonYogaProject. Andrew Beinbrink, founder of Yoga4Homeless, introduced her to Serving Seniors where she taught yoga, the Alpha Project for whom she sought and obtained a grant from Banyan Botanicals to bring Ayurvedic Wellness Sessions to homeless women living at the shelter, and Espacio Migrante, for whom she fund raised to help establish a trauma sensitive yoga program in their community center serving migrants.

After training with the Prison Yoga Project, she co-taught trauma-sensitive yoga classes to men at The Central Jail in San Diego. Early 2020, before Covid turned our lives upside down, she organized and ran two Chakradance retreats in Thailand.

The Covid pandemic put a halt to all in-person service work, but thanks to advances in technology, provided the unique opportunity to shift operations to an online platform. Using Zoom as her new medium, Zabeth established several offerings to help release stress and anxiety, including a grounding meditation and movement workshop, and several yoga and meditation classes. 

Early 2021, she was invited to train with Pain Care Aware Yoga and found that its program, which integrates yogic and scientific views of pain and pain-care, deeply resonated. She is now a certified Pain Care Aware TM yoga teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT), and is integrating these concepts in her work with private clients and her online group classes.

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