The History of French in Louisiana

Wednesday, March 27, 3:00pm
Federation of Alliances Françaises USA
Online, In English
Free for AF Members with RSVP


The story of French-speaking Louisiana is often reduced to a single group – the Acadians/Cajuns. Yet even before the arrival of the Acadians, French and Creole-speaking Louisiana was composed of a mosaic of populations including Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans. This presentation will focus on Louisiana’s franco-créolophone peoples and how, through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion, educators can introduce students to the complexities of the Louisiana story and its French and Creole heritage languages.

Joseph Dunn has been working in the tourism and cultural sector in Louisiana for 25 years. His professional experiences as director of CODOFIL and with the French Consulate General in New Orleans, among others, have given him an in-depth understanding of the social, political and economic issues involved in revitalizing Louisiana’s French and Creole heritage languages. Joseph is involved in a number of projects focusing on the development and enhancement of Louisiana’s French-Creole-speaking communities.

This event will be on Zoom and is free for all Alliance Française members in the U.S., AATF members, and invited guests of the presenters or publicists. Non-members or persons who have no AF chapter nearby can purchase tickets ($10).

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