un grand merci à tous !

Thank you for your donations. Such an incredible Big Day of Giving! And unbelievable generosity from each and every donor.
Our original goal was $9,000. With your help, we raised $15,182 and exceeded our goal.  Donors like you make all the difference, so thank you for contributing to the Alliance Française de Sacramento on the Big Day of Giving!  

We are so grateful

Thank you for the generous contribution from the Franco-American Benevolent Society!

Thank you to our generous anonymous donors!

Donations have been made in memory of

Tony Arlen, a lover of French
Charlie Klein who has done so much for the Alliance Française de Sacramento
Richard H.Akeroyd, professor of French
À la mémoire d'Emilie Fenaux Long

And in honor of the French teachers at the Alliance Française de Sacramento

Thank you to all our donors!

Jim Sandberg-Larsen
Kristin Rapinac
Burt Cohen
Barbara Cotter
Julia Baumhoff
Lemley Charitable Contributions, a Donor Advised Fund of U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Guy Michelier
David Temblador
Michele Ambry
Laurie  Wood-Gundlach
Wendy  Arlen
Irene Lara
Jane Ross
Susan Tune
Danielle J  Dana
Mark Schneider
Daphne Rhoe
Renee Taylor
Jo Kopp
Edmond Long
Nicole Erable
Hank Carl
Aidan Connolly
Cynthia Farmer
Marny J Wasserman
Neil MacMullan
Suzanne and Charles Linebarger 
Russell Henly
Carla Meyers
Penny Westfall
Brookes Byrd
Diana A Bachelor
Eva S. Garcia Garcia
Matthew Abergel & Bob Cooner
Greg Chew
Jos Van Boxtel
Marian C
Nida Spalding
Caroline Chamberlin
Suzanne Bardasz
Patricia Johnson
David Love
Joe Vollmer
Dennis Cook and Susan Lamb Cook
David Gibson
Lynn Franks
Darlene Wilcox
Martin Janolo
Béatrice Hildebrand
James Hardgrove
Margaret Fraser
Mary Jess Wilson
Mark Heckman
Regina Gandour-Edwards
Heidi McLean
Suzanne Rivers
Trisha Uhrhammer
Megan Wygant
Caylyn Wright
Brian Giuffre
Heidi Steger
Joan Lynch
Melanie Bietz
Lisa Elliott
Benigno Salazar
Michelle A. Collins

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Phone: (916) 453-1723
Email: info@afsacramento.org
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